Ottonomous Productions is Syracuse University’s first and foremost short-film organization. All projects are written, produced, edited and marketed by students. OP is always looking for new ways to grow and is open to ideas and involvement from other students about new or other projects.


It was a cloudy day in October of 2012 when Michael Sunderlin, who was walking down the staircase outside of Graham Dining Hall, stopped in his tracks. Like many other arriving freshmen, he had been worrying he would never find a way to make his college experience a great one. However, this afternoon, which wasn’t particularly nice, in this place, which wasn’t particularly special, Michael had an idea.

That December, during Prof. Lawrence Mason’s COM 107, Michael gave a pitch to 70 of his peers. His idea was to produce a web-series that would intertwine elements of reality into a fictional story, thus blurring the lines of fantasy and reality.

Several students expressed interest and offered to help develop the idea, and thus Ottonomous Productions began to evolve. Daniel Freeda, Shannon Balser, Diane Danneels and Devin Carey, along with Michael, became the original Executive Board. London Green, Ryan Kauffmann, and Patrick Munnia soon joined the original team.

Ottonomous Productions is a student-run, university-recognized organization that aims to provide a platform for aspiring students to pursue their passions for creative storytelling and artistry. The organization also assists students in developing their skills in preparation for a career in the media industry.  

Although Ottonomous is no longer what was first pitched in COM 107, the spirit of the idea is still preserved.

**It is our mission to help the students of Syracuse University bring their musings and dreams – their fantasies – into a visible and realized form. Whether the idea is born at the top of a majestic mountain or the bottom of a Dining Hall staircase, as long as it is filled with passion, we will work to ensure that the story is heard. 

–Written by OP founder Michael Sunderlin, edited by ’16-’17 GM Lizzie Michael, given the nod of approval by ’17-’18 GM Ryan Doody

The Founding OP E-board:

General Manager and President: Michael Sunderlin

Head of Production: Patrick Munnia

Head of Post Production: Devin Carey

Head of Writing: Dan Freeda

Head of Programming: Shannon Balser

Head of PR/Advertising: Diane Danneels

Co-Head of Production: Ryan Kauffmann

Co-Head of Productions: London Green


E-Board 2016-2017

General Manager and President: Lizzie Michael

Head of Pre-Production: Tanya Motwani

Head of Productions: Thomas Meis

Head of Post Production: Ryan Doody

Head of Writing: Fallon Siegler

Head of Programming: Emily McMurray

Head of PR/Advertising: Ankita Varman


E-Board 2017-2018

President: Ryan Doody

Vice President: Samuel Fabbioli

Head of Productions: Bryan Sanchez

Head of Post Production: Logan Piercey

Head of Writing: Fallon Siegler

Head of Development: Gabriel Alfredo Acosta Romero

Head of Public Relations: Isabelle Marmur and Lizzy Jones

Head of Recruitment: Vanessa Ortega


E-Board 2018-2019

President: Lizzy Jones

Vice President: Sean Anderson

Head of Productions: Justin Max

Head of Post Production:

Co-Head of Writing: Robby Wilentz

Co-Head of Writing: Nicki Zelenak

Head of Development: Justine Leslie-Smith

Head of Public Relations: Isabelle Marmur

Head of Finance: Stone Garber


E-Board 2019-2020

President: Sean Anderson

Vice President:  Julia Nelson

Head of Productions: Justin Max

Co-Head of Writing: Robby Wilentz

Co-Head of Writing: Nicki Zelenak

Head of Development: Justine Leslie-Smith

Head of Public Relations: Valentina Velasquez

Head of Finance: Stone Garber

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  1. Can’t wait to see “Eagles Soar” it will be great with great staff from Ottonomous Productions–Best of Luck


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